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Savannah can feel like a "small town with a big city vibe," but it truly is a city, and like many cities, it is a composite of many unique neighborhoods. There are nearly 100 neighborhoods within Savannah proper, and many more within a quick 30-minute commute. With so many wonderful places to live in the Savannah area, it can be difficult to choose just one. Take this quiz to see which is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Find My Neighborhood

Question 1 of 4.

In my free time I like...

1. Live Music, the Arts, & Entertainment
2. Being Near Or On the Water
3. Sports
4. Food & Drink
Question 2 of 4.

My preferred neighborhood-style isโ€ฆ

1. Quirky & Unique
2. Coastal
3. Historic
4. Modern
Question 3 of 4.

I prefer to live...

1. In a Gated Community
2. Near Action and Excitement
3. By the Water
4. In Seclusion and Solitude
Question 4 of 4.

The most important factor I am seeking in a neighborhood is...

1. It's Very Walkable
2. It Has a Vibrant Nightlife
3. It Offers Larger Lots of Land
4. It's Family-Oriented

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A little edge. A little charm. A lot of potential.

Described by many as a small town vibe with big city offerings, Savannah is a mecca of art, innovation, history and progress.

And while more than 14 million visitors call on Savannah every year, it’s the people that settle here who truly discover everything that is Savannah.

With the largest landmarked historic district in the nation, more art galleries per capita than New York City, 22 grassy moss-draped squares, award-winning restaurants, nights filled with live music and film festivals and weekend relaxing on the beach or waterways, life is good here.

Find Your Place in SAV

Business feels right at home in Savannah with a diverse economy - tourism, manufacturing, logistics and creative - and a diverse workforce.

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80 Miles of Coastline, 420 miles of waterways, 23 golf courses, 60+ art galleries and 52 festivals per year. World class food, drink and entertainment. Come out & play.

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From the artsy and eclectic downtown to the marshes, golf courses and beaches on the islands & southside, to the country-like west side, Savannah has a neighborhood just for you.

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Old Savannah families, soldiers from Hunter, shipping and industry tycoons and artists from SCAD all mix together to create a special brew.

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“The only thing I wish I knew about Savannah before moving here is knowing about it sooner in life..”
— Foy Staley