5 of Savannah’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Picking the right neighborhood to move to in any new city is challenging. So much depends on how easily you can get where you need to be. If you’re moving to Savannah in hopes of being near the hustle and bustle of the city with all of its amenities but also want the charm and beauty of smaller neighborhood life, Savannah offers plenty of options. Let’s take a look: 

5 of Savannah's Most Walkable Neighborhoods
5 of Savannah’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Downtown: Historic District

🚶🏽Walk Score: 94

🚲 Bike Score: 90

Downtown Savannah’s Historic District boasts a rich tapestry of antebellum mansions and townhomes, resonating with whispers of history. The 23 green space squares, shaded by mossy green oaks, dominate this neighborhood and carry the essence of its past. Maintaining the unique street design from 1733, when General James E. Oglethorpe laid out the original town plan. However, with a little over a mile stretch from Forsyth to the waterfront on River Street, walking or biking becomes an immersive way to revel in the exquisite architecture of centuries-old structures in the Historic District.

The Historic District boasts distinctive coffee shops dotted on almost every corner and is adorned with boutiques and well-known national stores that are easily within walking distance. The neighborhood is a culinary haven, offering numerous fine dining opportunities, drinking holes, nightlife spots, music venues, and breathtaking views along the Savannah harbor. 

Downtown: Starland District 

🚶🏽Walk Score: 67

🚲 Bike Score: 88

The Starland District is a walkable hotspot in Savannah, offering a dynamic fusion of vibrant streets and a laid-back atmosphere. Its mural-lined roads create a lively backdrop for both locals and visitors, providing a perfect setting to unwind and connect with Savannah’s artistic side.

A continuous rotation of folk art, craft beer, and unique culinary experiences makes the district a magnet for regular visits. The walls of this neighborhood are a canvas for numerous local artists, ensuring each block showcases diverse creative expressions. Throughout the week, the district comes alive with the sound of local musicians, open mic comedy nights, and innovative food trucks, offering various entertainment options for friends to explore.

This emerging neighborhood thrives on the energy of local creators and small businesses, contributing to its unique character. Whether browsing vinyl at a local record store or enjoying freshly baked pastries in a Victorian house turned hip coffee shop, the Starland District is a destination that caters to everyone’s preferences. In this bustling corridor, walkability is key, making it easy to discover the diverse offerings that define the Starland District.

Victorian District: 5 of Savannah's Most Walkable Neighborhoods
Victorian District: 5 of Savannah’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Downtown: Victorian District (East/West)

🚶🏽Walk Score: 44

🚲 Bike Score: 52Living in the Victorian District offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern conveniences, creating a walkable haven in Savannah. The well-preserved architectural accents on buildings reflect the city’s rich history, providing a visually appealing stroll through the neighborhood.

Forsyth Park is the central hub, easily accessible by foot or bicycle, enhancing the district’s walkability. This expansive green space offers recreational opportunities and is a focal point for community activities. From Forsyth Park, locals living in this area can easily walk to the Historic District or the Starland District within 15-minutes or less.

Residents benefit from the district’s walkable layout, with grocery stores, local shops, and restaurants nearby. Everyday essentials are within easy reach, promoting a convenient and pedestrian-friendly lifestyle. Notable spots like the Sentient Bean for coffee and pastries or the Forsyth Farmer’s Market for fresh local produce are just a short walk away, contributing to the district’s vibrant atmosphere.

Midtown: Baldwin Park

🚶🏽Walk Score: 56

🚲 Bike Score: 75

Baldwin Park, a Midtown treasure, offers a stroll through Victorian and Craftsman-style homes from the early 1900s. Nestled north of Victory Drive, its convenient location provides quick access to the Truman Parkway and nearby grocery stores. This walkable neighborhood, home to diverse residents, invites strolls along tree-lined streets, revealing rich history and architectural charm. 

With Downtown Savannah and the Starland District are within easy walking or biking distance, allowing residents to enjoy seamless connections to vibrant city life. Little Free Libraries and a gated playground add to the walkable charm, creating a perfect family environment. After a day of exploration, unwind by walking to local breweries and gastropubs just steps away. .

Midtown: Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent

🚶🏽Walk Score: 54

🚲 Bike Score: 15

Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent defines prime Midtown living. Situated across from Baldwin Park, this historically charming area of Savannah also dates back to the early 1900s. Green spaces and parks adorned with azaleas and oaks create a great place to walk and add color to your commute. The diverse architecture, from mansions to cozy homes, brings a bit of scenery to your walk. 

What sets this neighborhood apart is its exceptional walkability, notably to the award-winning Savannah Arts Academy—the city’s first dedicated performing and visual arts school and one of the top 10 public schools in the state of Georgia. With a perfect balance of tranquility and proximity to downtown Savannah, it’s an ideal place for a leisurely walk around favorite Historic District spots. 

Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent’s centralized location makes errands effortless, with restaurants and shops just a five-minute drive away. Proximity to Savannah’s medical district adds another layer of convenience.

Walkability is one thing locals, tourists, and relocatees agree makes Savannah a top place to live and visit. We hope this list helps you better understand Savannah’s most walkable neighbors.  , For more information on traversing Savannah, read Getting Around Savannah Like a Local. Moving here with your family? Check out our blog 5 Savannah Neighborhoods Where You Can Walk the Kids to School.