Why We #ChooseSavannah”: A Visit to Savannah That Never Ends

Savannah has a magnetic pull that transcends time and circumstance. The tales of those who found love, careers, artistic inspiration, and the fulfillment of dreams within the city’s limits are testament to its unique charm. 

We interviewed 70+ relocatees about what brought them to Savannah and ultimately what has kept them here. The reasons behind their decision to call Savannah home are as diverse and fascinating as the city itself.

The plans that we make at the last minute can do the most to shape us. That’s what happened for Lea. G. from Philadelphia. She visited here in April of 2020 for just one night and could not leave. “I fell in love. I quit my dream job making a ridiculous amount of money and moved here four months later with nothing but some boxes, my boyfriend, and my cats,” she remembers. 

Chance isn’t the only route home. S For instance, Erica S. had nostalgic ties to the area that persuaded her to stay long term: “My family visited Tybrisa on Tybee every year when I was a child, and I just loved Savannah so much that I chose college here and have moved here on and off since. The nostalgia, the beauty, the oaks and Spanish moss are dreamy to me, and the cobblestone and the laid back vibes. Plus,there are so many different cultures mixed in one city.”

Anna S. shared that it was also her old vacation spots that led her home, “I finally got a remote job and wanted to buy a home, but couldn’t afford where I was living. I’ve been coming to Hilton Head for family reunions my whole life and love the weather/nature here especially the summer storms! I also was hopeful to find a tighter knit queer community. Moved to Savannah in November 2022 and am already in a wonderful relationship and meeting cool people.”

Theresa N. came here to visit family  and decided to stay: “I had just retired from 34 years of teaching in Virginia and decided to join my son’s family here in Georgia! Savannah offers a single lady everything fun & worthwhile to do too!”

Savannah’s natural beauty, marked by its stately oaks and enchanting landscapes, often weaves its way into the hearts of those who find solace within its boundaries. Hilary L.’s story encapsulates this sentiment, “I fell in love when we brought our son to SCAD. Every time I flew down to drive home to NJ with him, my heart said you found your next home. Took 4 years and living through a year-long lockdown to make the move. The trees…the weather…the history…”

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