Welcome to Midtown Savannah

Local flare for friends, family, and community.

Photo Credit: Tyler Edic


  • Great for Families
  • Five Playgrounds
  • Largest Park
  • Largest Dog Park
  • Easily Walkable
  • Medical District


Midtown is a happening place that boasts highly-rated local restaurants, family-friendly amenities, and plenty of wide-open green spaces to enjoy all year round. Each of its idyllic neighborhoods offers its own unique character without sacrificing the safety and convenience we appreciate. This is the area where we come to hang with friends, get a breath of fresh air, and remind ourselves why we enjoy the pace of life here. Midtown gives us the vitality we crave without big-city hustle and bustle. We love that we can take a calm morning walk in Parkside, grab a delicious bite with friends at a gastropub in Habersham Village, ride our bicycles down scenic bike paths in Habersham Woods, and still have more to see and do the next day. In Midtown, neighbors quickly become friends, and friends quickly become family. A variety of multi-ethnic eateries and shopping opportunities make this neighborhood both functional and fun for everyone in the family. We’re not done exploring here, and we are always excited to share the wonders of this tight-knit community with newcomers.

Neighborhoods in Midtown

  • 8
    Architectural Styles

    Many of the homes in Midtown were built between the 1910s and the 1940s. Neoclassical, Colonial Revival and Tudor Revival are just a few of the styles lining the streets.

  • 20,000
    Midtown Residents

    Midtown’s population has grown over the years, with the current headcount at around 20,000. Even as it grows, the community maintains a calm and cozy atmosphere.

  • 1935
    Savannah High School is Built

    Centrally located on Washington Avenue, Savannah High School is a community landmark and impressive work of architecture. Today, it is the home of Savannah Arts Academy.

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