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The comforts of city life surrounded by the serenity of the coast.



  • Great for Families
  • 1 Marina
  • Nearby Shopping
  • Georgia Southern University
  • South University
  • Community Docks


The Southside was advantageously developed within 20 minutes of both an international airport and historic downtown Savannah. This commercial district is centrally located with quick access to most parts of Savannah. The area offers accessible shopping malls and a myriad of grocery stores and restaurants to choose from. Southside Savannah is also home to the area’s recreational sports district with soccer fields, softball fields, baseball fields, tennis, swimming, golf, and more. One of our favorite weekend destinations is Lake Mayer, a public community lake where neighbors fish, exercise, picnic, and enjoy a pristine outdoor recreation park.

With diverse options for both public and private schools ranging from pre-K to college level, the Southside is an appealing area for families and university students. The Windsor Forest community is home to Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus, a local state college. Head towards the coast to discover the majestic neighborhoods of Halcyon Bluff and Coffee Bluff resting along the quiet Vernon River. The natural landscapes, quiet communities, and salt marsh scenery are breathtakingly beautiful.

Neighborhoods In Southside Savannah

• Kensington Park
• Habersham Woods
• Bacon Park
• Mayfair
• Halcyon Bluff
• Coffee Bluff
• Rose Dhu
• Windsor Forest
  • 1734
    Sir Patrick Houston is given property by the British crown.

    Houston develops two coastal properties and names them Rosedew and the Retreat. Today, Rosedew Island is an outdoor recreation area for Girl Scouts.

  • 35

    The area of the enchanting Lake Mayer near Mayfair. A charming community park open to the public with a beautiful lake for fishing, picnic tables and trails for outdoor activities and exercise.

  • 35,227
    The population of the hauntingly beautiful Halcyon Bluff.

    A desirable neighborhood hidden off of Whitefield Avenue, Halcyon Bluff is the perfect place for families.

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