Meet Savannah’s Sports District

Down here in the South, we take our sports seriously. Savannah’s Sports District has over two square miles of sporting complexes, fields, courses, centers, and courts. This area of town rests within Southside Savannah and is a haven for recreational sports enthusiasts and participants. Check out our interactive map of Savanah’s Sports District below and scroll for a breakdown of all of the sporting activities in this area of town!


The Truman Linear Trail is a picturesque cycling path that starts at Lake Mayer and runs in a northern direction through the charming Southside area of the city. The trail is well-maintained with lighting and stretches for several miles, providing cyclists with a safe and enjoyable route that they can use to explore the city and its various attractions. The trail culminates at DeRenne Avenue, a major thoroughfare in Savannah that connects to several other parts of the city, making it an ideal starting or stopping point for cyclists exploring other areas. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, the Truman Linear Trail is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Savannah while getting some exercise and fresh air.

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Skating and Street Hockey

If you’re a fan of skating or street hockey, Savannah has some great options to explore. One of the top destinations is the Savannah Skate Park at Lake Mayer, which offers many features and amenities. This park is excellent for spending a day with friends and family. The park boasts an outdoor roller skating rink, where you can glide around to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the rink offers a fun and challenging experience. The park also has many other facilities, including a skate park with a blow, ramps, and rails. Don’t miss out on the Savannah Skate Park at Lake Mayer!

Softball & Baseball

Savannah has several options if you’re a sports enthusiast looking for places to play softball or baseball. The Ambuc Softball Fields in the Ambuc Park are well-maintained and provide a great playing experience. Similarly, the Guy Minick Baseball Fields are also a great option for baseball enthusiasts. These fields are spacious, and the grass is well-trimmed, making the game more enjoyable. If you’re looking for recreational baseball, check out the Allen E. Paulson Complex or the Scarborough Sports Complex. Both places have everything you need to have an exciting and fun time playing baseball, including batting cages, well-groomed fields, and more.

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If you’re a fan of swimming, check out the Savannah Chatham County Aquatic Center. This facility boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool, perfect for serious swimmers looking to practice their strokes or compete. The center also features a recreational swimming pool, which is excellent for casual swimmers who want to have a fun pool day. These indoor pools are open year-round making them an ideal choice for those who love to be in the water, but not too cold or too hot. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer looking to improve your skills or want to have a good time in the water, the Savannah Chatham County Aquatic Center has something for everyone.

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In Savannah, Georgia, two notable soccer facilities are the Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex and Memorial Stadium.

The Jennifer Ross Soccer Complex is a recreational soccer facility that provides a safe and enjoyable environment for players to practice their skills and engage in friendly games. It features eight lit grass fields, three lit turf fields, locker rooms, and ample parking space. The complex is a popular destination for local soccer teams, leagues, and families who want to spend a fun afternoon outdoors.


Both Jug Knight Field and Memorial Stadium are excellent options for people who love football and want to experience the excitement of the game.

Jug Knight Field is a popular destination for football enthusiasts. It is a well-maintained football field located near the Bacon Park neighborhood. The spacious field provides ample space for players to move around and showcase their skills. Additionally, Memorial Stadium is also a renowned football stadium that attracts a large number of fans. The stadium has state-of-the-art facilities, making it an ideal venue for hosting football matches and events. 


Bacon Park Golf Course is a popular public golf course located in Savannah, Georgia. The course offers 18 holes of championship golf and was designed by Donald Ross, a renowned golf course architect. IT features a variety of challenges, including water hazards, sand traps, and tree-lined fairways. With its beautiful scenery and well-manicured greens, Bacon Park Golf Course is an excellent place for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy a day on the green.

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Tennis lovers frequent the Bacon Park and Lake Mayer tennis courts.

Bacon Park has 16 hard courts, while Lake Mayer features six lit outdoor courts with beautiful park views. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these tennis courts are worth checking out.

Disc Golf

Are you interested in playing Disc Golf or looking for a new course to try out? If so, Forest Hills Disc Golf Course might be just your place! This course is located in a beautiful forested area with various challenges and obstacles that make it a fun and exciting course to play. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Forest Hills offers an excellent experience for all skill levels.

Living in Southside Savannah is perfect for sports lovers and a great way to meet new people. We love this area of Savannah for its quiet, suburban lifestyle, beautiful parks and its plethora of activities to partake in. For those considering a move to Savannah, be sure to check out the neighborhoods within and nearby this district, including Mayfair, Sandfly, Isle of Hope, Bacon Park, and Herb Bluff Creek, to name a few.