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Sure, you’ve heard about our historic squares, beautiful live oak lined streets and riverfront. But there is so much more for new / future Savannians to explore. Spend an evening downtown with a gourmet meal, drinks at a speakeasy (or rooftop bar), a stroll through an art gallery, a horse-drawn carriage and live music just like music city. Spend a day at the beach, you can even bike there, feet in the sand and a cool beverage in your hand. Take in a Savannah Banana’s game or play for yourself: golf, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, kickball, what ever you prefer. Living here, you’ll only be bored… if you want to be.

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Savannah can feel like a "small town with a big city vibe," but it truly is a city, and like many cities, it is a composite of many unique neighborhoods. There are nearly 100 neighborhoods within Savannah proper, and many more within a quick 30-minute commute. With so many wonderful places to live in the Savannah area, it can be difficult to choose just one. Take this quiz to see which is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Find My Neighborhood

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In my free time I like...

1. Being Near Or On the Water
2. Sports
3. Food & Drink
4. Live Music, the Arts, & Entertainment
Question 2 of 4.

My preferred neighborhood-style is…

1. Coastal
2. Historic
3. Modern
4. Quirky & Unique
Question 3 of 4.

I prefer to live...

1. In Seclusion and Solitude
2. In a Gated Community
3. By the Water
4. Near Action and Excitement
Question 4 of 4.

The most important factor I am seeking in a neighborhood is...

1. It Offers Larger Lots of Land
2. It's Family-Oriented
3. It's Very Walkable
4. It Has a Vibrant Nightlife

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Find Your Fun in Savannah

  • 80
    Miles of Coastline

    Savannah begs for you to stay outdoors and absorb its natural beauty. Our 80 Miles of Coastline, 420 miles of waterways, and 23 golf courses urge you come out and play.

  • 22

    Stroll, run or bike along picturesque cobblestone streets. See gardens and fountains and sit a spell under shady trees. Browse our 60+ art galleries and museums dotting the city.

  • 52
    Festivals Per Year

    Savannah knows how to throw a party! Throughout the year there are festivals for everyone, outdoor concerts, theater performances and more.