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Savannah can feel like a "small town with a big city vibe," but it truly is a city, and like many cities, it is a composite of many unique neighborhoods. There are nearly 100 neighborhoods within Savannah proper, and many more within a quick 30-minute commute. With so many wonderful places to live in the Savannah area, it can be difficult to choose just one. Take this quiz to see which is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Find My Neighborhood

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In my free time I like...

1. Food & Drink
2. Being Near Or On the Water
3. Sports
4. Live Music, the Arts, & Entertainment
Question 2 of 4.

My preferred neighborhood-style is…

1. Historic
2. Modern
3. Quirky & Unique
4. Coastal
Question 3 of 4.

I prefer to live...

1. In a Gated Community
2. Near Action and Excitement
3. By the Water
4. In Seclusion and Solitude
Question 4 of 4.

The most important factor I am seeking in a neighborhood is...

1. It Has a Vibrant Nightlife
2. It's Family-Oriented
3. It Offers Larger Lots of Land
4. It's Very Walkable

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“World class talent chooses to live here. They come for the history, the beauty, the food, the arts, and the music. And they choose to stay.”
— Jen Bonnett
Historically Innovative

From the invention of the cotton gin on nearby Mulberry Plantation, which led to the Savannah Cotton Exchange’s reputation for being the "Wall Street of the South," to the first steam ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean — the Savannah — in 1819, the City of Savannah has long been recognized as a location for business.


With the 3rd largest port in the country, you’d be hard pressed to find a brand that doesn’t come through our city. Commerce is in our blood. But so is manufacturing and creativity.

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Our diverse economy - tourism, manufacturing, logistics and creative technology requires a diverse workforce. We can use someone like you.

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#1 City for Creative Professionals


Launch Your Biz

There is a vibrant ecosystem to support the creative technology businesses that includes The Creative Coast, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, the Technology Association of Georgia, SCORE, SBDC and other organizations.

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Grow Your Biz

The opportunities and connections you need are here in Savannah. Savannah has it all – Class A office spaces, co-working spaces, build to suit options and more. With operating costs 30% less than comparable markets, aggressive state and local incentives, and a tremendously talented workforce of nearly 1 million, you won’t find a more hospitable place to grow your business.

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Work From SAV

The Future of work is here. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the world worked. Remote work went mainstream. With great workspaces like Expansive Workspace, high quality of work and support organizations like TechSAV and the Creative Coast, why not #chooseSavannah.

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