4 BIG Reasons You Should Move To Savannah

If you’re going to move to a new city, you probably want to hear from the people who live there every day and moved there, which is why we are kicking off a brand new blog series: Why I #ChooseSavannah. Throughout September, we’ll hear the reasons people moved to Savannah and and why they love it here. 

Here are some reasons why you should start thinking about moving here:

  •  The Diversity in The Area:

When some people think of Savannah, they might think of the Old South, but Savannah has surpassed that era and is embracing the future while maintaining the good values of previous times. The generosity, hospitality, friendliness and candor- the people in this area are what makes Savannah the place to call home. 

Whether for business, academics, or civil service, or for the love of nature, art, or culture, Savannah has always been a desired destination to live and visit alike. Historically, we are home to Greek, German, South Asian, Scottish, West African, French, Indian, and Latinx populations who each add texture and vibrancy to the cultural fabric of Savannah. 

We as a city welcome everyone to Savannah of all identities, races, ethnicities, orientations and styles! Check out some of our local resources for more information on how to get connected with like minded individuals in Savannah:


  • Unique Business Opportunities:

Our diverse economy includes industries from every corner of tourism, manufacturing, logistics, technology, hospitality and creatives. Of course these areas, along with our budding technology scene, require a diverse workforce. We can use someone like you! 

And with the 3rd largest port in the country, you’d be hard pressed to find a brand that doesn’t come through our city- so you can transfer in with your existing company or start from scratch in a new industry! Commerce is in our blood. But so is manufacturing and creativity.

Check out The Creative Coast’s  talent and job network to see the latest job vacancies in the greatest innovation companies hiring in the coastal region via their Job Board, also check out their programs and events pages to learn more about all of the education and networking opportunities they offer!

  • Variety and Options for Neighborhoods:

For those worried that Savannah might be too small of a town,  it truly is a city and growing rapidly everyday. Savannah is a composite of many unique neighborhoods and districts that house their own special environment.  From coastal to quirky and artsy to metropolitan, there is quite literally the perfect place for anyone. 

If you are looking for that small town, slow Southern lifestyle, then you’re in luck too! The neighboring communities all around Savannah are fabulous places to live. You canhave the peace and quiet of the country with no neighbors as far as the eye can see,  live in a quaint,  friendly suburb, or even reside on a side street on the marsh!

Check out our Live page to find out more about our different neighborhoods. Not sure about what you’re looking for? Take the “Find My Neighborhood quiz by clicking here

  • There is So Much To Do:

Sure, you’ve heard about our historic squares, beautiful live oak lined streets and riverfront. But there is so much more for Savannians to do. Check out our play page, where we have broken down all of the activities Savannah has to offer.

Spend an evening downtown with a gourmet meal or a day at the beach on Tybee. Get drinks at a speakeasy or watch the sunset from a rooftop bar  Enjoy a stroll through the many art galleries in City Market or put on your sneakers for a faster walk around Lake Mayer. Take in a Savannah Bananas baseball game or head to the Minneck Fields in Southside Savannah to play for yourself. Living here, you’ll only be bored… if you want to be. So find what really interests you.

If you recently moved here and want to share your story and words of advice, email abbegayle@thecreativecoast.org.

Stay tuned as we are going to spend the month of September deep diving into personal stories from people who moved to Savannah. Follow along on our social media and turn your notifications on for live updates as we post!