5 Savannah Neighborhoods Where You Can Walk the Kids to School

Living close to school is a major plus for many families in the area. There are plenty of Savannah neighborhoods in great school districts that allow parents to walk their kids to school. Here are the top five Savannah neighborhoods in close proximity to Savannah Chatham County Public Schools. 

Often referred to as one of Savannah’s “best-kept secrets,” Halcyon Bluff is a pleasant, mid-century neighborhood nestled along Hayner’s Creek. The community includes a boat ramp and a dock, where kids love to cool off in the summer months. We love this quiet area that features low-traffic residential roads and children playing in their front yards all year long.

Perhaps the two most appealing reasons to choose Halcyon Bluff to call home are its proximity to both the Truman Parkway and to Hesse K-8. Halcyon Bluff is located off of Whitfield Avenue, which provides on and off ramps to the 10.8-mile-long Truman Parkway, connecting you to downtown Savannah. Families walk their kids to school and rely on friendly crossing guards and police officers helping to direct traffic.

There’s something about the way the sun pokes through the trees along Wilmington Island Road. You’ll instantly realize the pace has slowed down on this part of the island. As you turn off from the small retail park on Johnny Mercer, the sounds get a little bit quieter as you begin to pass the occasional car. In Wilmington Park, you get the best of both coastal living and the traditional feeling of a close-knit, old-school neighborhood. This community has regular meetups and functions at the Wilmington Park Pool and the community dock available to paying residents. 

And, there’s a secret about May Howard. It’s one of the most liked schools in the Savannah area because of its location and quality. If you’re living on the islands, this is a no-brainer when it comes to looking for an elementary school to provide a suburban no-cost education for your child. 

Isle of Hope sits in an idyllic part of Savannah, bordering the Skidaway River. The school is directly behind the retail areas of Ferguson and Skidaway and near some of Savannah’s most historic neighborhoods. We love this area of Savannah for its beautiful coastal homes and views. 

Isle of Hope Elementary is the school of choice for this neighborhood. Parents have described the school as having the best faculty and staff in the system. The school features new facilities and a principal who is very involved in student success. Isle of Hope School is very accessible in the area. 

  • Habersham Village and Ardsley Park in Midtown (Jacob G. Smith Elementary)

Ardsley Park neighborhood features homes ranging from quaint bungalows to stately mansions with some of Savannah’s best gardens. It sits just north of Habersham Village, which is a small retail space including a grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store, fitness center, pet shop, and several popular restaurants local to Savannah. This beloved, historic neighborhood offers a high level of convenience as it is central to almost all of Savannah. Ardsley Park is also home to one of the top high schools in Georgia, the Savannah Arts Academy. 

Jacob G. Smith is a K-5 school that has been in the area for a long time. It sits to the right of Habersham Village headed north on Habersham Street and south of the much-coveted Ardsley Park. Parents report that faculty and staff at Jacob G. Smith are very well engaged, as the school is closely connected to the community. Jacob G. features a gifted program for all ages in a location you can park and walk your child to the door. A very active PTA group brings in a lot of participation with group events at the school. 

Kensington Park is an old neighborhood in Savannah that features sprawling homes with well-manicured lawns. Mid-century modern architecture is prevalent among these suburban homes. It’s definitely one of the most-desired suburbs and an ideal place to live in the city for those that work in the medical field. St. Joseph’s / Candler sits just across the street on DeRenne Avenue and Memorial Hospital is right around the corner. There are also numerous private practices sprinkled around the hospitals. 

Heard Elementary can be found in Kensington Park. It’s often cited as providing quality education to students with teachers that are highly structured and effective. The school is also credited with building a general sense of family within.

For those planning on a big move to Savannah in the near future, we want to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to set both your kiddos and yourself up for a successful school year. Check out The Chatham County 2023-24 Open House School Schedule to see when your area’s schools are hosting their open houses!