Coastal Georgia Is Getting An Extensive 200-mile trail

There may be a new trail going into place that is set to offer a scenic route from Athens to the Georgia coast, attracting biking, hiking, and leisurely strolls. Starting with the Firefly trail in Athens, the path will extend southeastward, connecting to coastal Georgia and ending at Tybee Island, as reported by WJCL-TV.

Mary Charles Howard, associated with the Georgia nonprofit Hi-Lo, devised the idea to bring more attention to underdeveloped areas. The trail would pass through various rural communities, providing a much-needed economic boost. Howard, along with Caila Brown and her team at Bike Walk Savannah, is actively engaging with these small communities to make the project a reality.

Brown expressed enthusiasm for the Hi-Lo trail, seeing it as an excellent foundation to connect communities and cater to long-distance riders and runners. The vision is to complete the trail before 2030, contingent on the support of all cities and towns along the route.

Regarding funding, Howard estimates an average cost of $1 million per mile for the trail, which could potentially be covered by state and federal grants. With careful planning and collaboration, the Hi-Lo trail could become a transformative asset for both recreational enthusiasts and the development of the regions it traverses.

Hopefully we can soon add this trail to our “The Top 5 Places to Bike in Savannah” blog!

For more information about the trail, visit WJCL 22’s news site.