Halloween in Savannah: Where to Find Tricks & Treats for All Ages

Savannah is famous for being one of the most haunted cities in North America. We can attest that our city does spooky and terrifying better than most and offers Halloween fun for all ages. The holiday truly brings the Savannah community together and in so many different ways. From trick-or-treating to costume contests to haunted houses and Halloween bashes, Savannah has activities from tame to terrifying. 

Top Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Savannah

The Bluff on Isle of Hope

The homes on the bluff are known for their over-the-top decorations and evening activities on All Hallow’s Eve. In addition to seeing pumpkin-filled porches and oversized dangling spiders, soak up the beautiful view of the winding Skidaway River. Colossal live oaks, Spanish moss, and resurrection ferns guide the walk for an added spooky feel.

The Landings on Skidaway Island

Headless horseman in the Landings Club of Savannah, GA.
Each year the headless horseman visits The Landings Club for Halloween. Photo Credit: Pegasus Riding Academy

Residents of The Landings go all-out for Halloween. Known for KING-SIZED candy bars and their famous headless horseman (yes, he rides on a real-live horse), The Landings community knows how to do Halloween right! While this is a private community, kids from all over Savannah join in the neighborhood’s Halloween festivities to trick-or-treat with their friends who are residents of the gated community. 

The headless horseman and his skeletal companion visit Midpoint in The Landings each year. The duo returns in 2022. (Photo Credit: Pegasus Riding Academy)

Ardsley Park and Chatham Crescent

Midtown neighborhoods like Ardsley Park and Chatham Crescent dawn elaborate decorations during the spooky season. These family-oriented neighborhoods are known for creating a fantastic ambiance for kids of all ages. Head to dinner at the nearby Habersham Village or Starland District and then hit the streets for an evening of door-to-door fun.

The Islands 

Talahi Island, Whitemarsh Island, and Wilmington Park are areas filled with families who love to get in the spirit. A popular stop on Wilmington Island is Olde Town Road, which is another KING-SIZE candy bar hot spot. All of the Islands are highly trafficked with trick-or-treaters ensuring a fantastic, good-old-fashioned Halloween experience. 

Tybee Island 

For over 20 years, Tybee Island has hosted annual trick-or-treating for children of all ages on Lewis Avenue. The fun typically starts around 6:00pm. Have the kids bring their biggest treat bag and be prepared to have a spooktacular time!


Opt for a more low-key trick-or-treating experience (or maybe just double up on candy?) by participating in one of the many Trunk-or-Treat experiences around town and in nearby communities. We’ve created a quick list for you here…

Terror-inducing Tricks

WARNING: Attend at your discretion. This event is for older children. Your littles might very well get spooked!

The Alee Temple’s Terror Plantation

Those of us who like getting scared out of our pants get tickets to the Alee Temple’s Haunted House. Located at 100 Eisenberg Dr., the scream-inducing “Terror Plantation” has been an annual tradition for many locals over the years.  

Haunted Forest of Statesboro

Don’t let the words “good cause” fool you. While this horror-stricken experience sells tickets that benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Bulloch County, the Haunted Forest of Statesboro dawns a “Come if You Dare” warning. Known as “Statesboro’s scariest tradition since 1980,” this heart-quickening trape through the woods is located at the Kiwanis Fair Grounds. NOTE: If you don’t like clowns, this isn’t for you!

The Moose Lodge’s Haunted Forest

For over 20 years, the Moose Lodge of Savannah has constructed a blood-curling haunted forest that will terrify even the bravest of souls. Each year the Moose Lodge changes the layout and elements of the forest making for new surprises and jump scares each year. The attraction benefits charities and the community. It’s a must-experience each Halloween.

Haunted Forest of Statesboro, GA
The Haunted Forest of Statesboro is as eerie as it looks! Photo Credit: Haunted Forest of Statesboro

Wicked South’s Haunted Forest

Wicked South Productions is famous for its haunted experiences located in Pembroke. In its 5th season, this year’s Haunted Forest is carnival-themed, but not in a happy-go-lucky sort of way if you know what we mean. The last day to attend this season’s event is October 29th.

Eerie Encounters & Ghost Tours

Ghosts and Gravestones Haunted Tours of Savannah, GA
Ghosts and Gravestone offer fantastic tours of Savannah’s most haunted houses and sites.

There are plenty of spooky pub crawls and walking ghost tours. If you really like a creepy feel, take a hearse ride as you learn about the haunted “history” of Savannah’s downtown. Not to mention, Savannah has a number of centuries-old cemeteries to explore like the 100-acre Bonaventure Cemetery, the 65-acre Greenwich Cemetery, or the Colonial Park Cemetery. 

City-wide Costume Contest

This second Forsyth Park Costume Crawl is taking place this year for the first time. There will be prizes for the winners of each category and first place overall will win $1,000. No event is complete without treats…there will also be food trucks and trick-or-treat bags.

The contest is happening Sunday, October 30th, from 2pm – 6pm at the Forsyth Park Bandshell.


Participating in Savannah’s local festivities and seasonal activities is the best way to meet others in the at-large community. For more information on activities and things to do in Savannah, visit https://choosesav.com/play/.