Photo Credit: Ossabaw Island Foundation
Photo Credit: Julian Buckmaster
Photo Credit: Julian Buckmaster
Photo Credit: Ossabaw Island Foundation

Beaches & Barrier Islands


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Activity Overview

Georgia’s coastline is approximately 110 miles and has eight clusters of barrier islands. The islands are not only beautiful but full of local legends and tales of early explorers, times of war, and civil unrest. Ideal weather and natural landscapes make these incredible isles and their beaches truly magical escapes. Only a few are easily accessible by car. Tybee Island, Jekyll Islands, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and Hilton Head Island are popular tourist beach vacation destinations. The barrier Islands remain mostly undeveloped today and are only accessible by boat.

Cumberland Island, the most southern and one of the largest undeveloped barrier islands, is rich in history and home to the only feral horse herd on the Atlantic coast. Stay at the historic Greyfield Inn made famous by the wedding of John F. Kennedy Jr. Discover the Dungeness Ruins from 1736 built on the island by Savannah founder James Oglethorpe as a hunting lodge. Wander the remains of what was once a beloved island retreat for the wealthy Carnegie Family.

Other barrier islands like Wassaw, Ossabaw, and Little Tybee are popular destinations for boat owners who enjoy anchoring on the islands’ shores during the summer heat. We love all the magic and activities Georgia’s coast offers: Fish the Atlantic, dive the magnificent Gray’s Reef, eat delicious local seafood, explore uninhabited islands, and sleep under the stars in the sands of Coastal Georgia. There’s something for everyone!

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