Photo Credit: Tyler Edic
Photo Credit: Tyler Edic
Photo Credit: Tyler Edic

Entertainment: Concerts & Shows


  • Dynamic Venues
  • Group or Solo Activity
  • Good For Families
  • Year-Round
  • National Acts
  • Local Talent

Activity Overview

There’s always a concert, a play, or a stand-up comedy performance happening somewhere in Savannah. From world-renowned musicians to regional performers, checking out a show with friends and family is one of our favorite things to do here on an evening out. On the weekends, we enjoy big-time performers at spacious venues like Victory North, District Live, or the Savannah Civic Center. For more intimate options, there’s always an acoustic guitarist, stand-up comic, or skilled pianist at a variety of small bars and terraces. The theater buff in us also enjoys a variety of dramatic performances at places like Lucas Theatre or Savannah Theatre. We love that entertainment options in Savannah aren’t just limited to weekends, either. On weekdays, we can be found enjoying a comedy show at Front Porch Improv or even live jazz tunes at Jazz’d Tapas Bar. The options are endless, eclectic and full of fun. Touring acts come to Savannah frequently, all year round, and we like to be the first in line for tickets.

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