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Activity Overview

Savannah offers a bounty of options for getting fit and keeping fit. In addition to stellar weather most of the year that makes outdoor exercise possible, there’s plenty to explore in terms of gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios. Living here, we’re surrounded by top-notch facilities where we can lift weights, take a spin class, hop on a rowing machine, enjoy some outdoor yoga, and more. New and exciting workout classes and groups crop up weekly, so motivation to show up and get sweaty is never out of reach. Plus, the gyms in Savannah are plentiful and provide quality exercise machines, instructors, and facilities. For family-friendly options, we love our local YMCA where we can get our heart rates up while the kids have fun too. For unique options, we meet up with friends for yoga at a brewery, pickleball in the park, or a couple rounds of ultimate frisbee at our favorite green space. Whatever our fitness level or interests, we love that Savannah’s fitness scene meets us where we’re at and helps make working out fun.

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