Photo Credit: Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival
Pote Baby
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Leitzell for Savannah Music Festival 2021 ft. Amythyst-Kiah
Photo-Credit: Sarah Escarraz for Savannah-Music Festival 2018 ft. Rhiannon Giddens



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Activity Overview

Savannah’s rich history and culture extend to its lively and deep-rooted music scene. The city acts as a thriving haven for musicians from every genre, making it a guarantee that on any given weekend we’ll find a band to groove to. We flock to annual music festivals that feature regional, national, and international composers and find there’s always something new and exceptional to discover in every performance. We also like to explore a variety of musical acts through events like the eclectic Savannah Music Festival, the Savannah Jazz Festival, and the indie-focused Savannah Stopover. The Savannah Philharmonic is another favorite that we love when we’re out for a night on the town.

Those of us who sing or play an instrument also take advantage of Savannah’s many opportunities to learn about music in the company of others. From the Savannah Musicians Institute to the Savannah Children’s Choir, there are ample opportunities to connect with skilled music teachers, dedicated musicians, and music enthusiasts all year round. Find your rhythm in Savannah with our list of local festivals, music stores, and music schools. 

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