Photo Credit: Savannah Striders
Photo Credit: Savannah Striders
Photo Credit: Savannah Striders
Photo Credit: Becker Brother Photography



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Activity Overview

Savannah’s coastal landscape makes it an ideal place to run. With its low-lying terrain, soft-packed trails, and shade from common trees like oaks and palm, the city and its surrounding areas make for a dynamic adventure for runners of any experience level. We can’t get enough of the mild temperatures that make year-round running here not only possible, but enjoyable. Spacious public parks, expansive networks of nature trails, and quiet neighborhood streets offer plenty of running opportunities to keep us engaged and exploring on foot. The running community here is strong, too. Numerous running stores in the area help us connect with Savannah’s larger outdoor community, stock up on running essentials, and realize our own athletic potential. We love all the runners and mentors we befriend in the various local running clubs that meet throughout Savannah multiple times per week. We run with friends, family members, and sometimes alone, all the while enjoying the stunning scenery that surrounds us. Whether we’re chasing a faster time in a local 10k or simply looking to keep fit, Savannah offers multiple ways to reach our running goals.

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