So You’re Going to Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Feature Post by Abbegayle Stallons, GSU Alum and PR and Marketing Coordinator of The Creative Coast/Choose Savannah

OK Eagles, you know the drill. As an alum and double-eagle myself, I am ecstatic to share with you what I think are the best tips and tricks for thriving in the ‘Boro. 

Georgia Southern University’s flagship campus is in Statesboro, where the bulk of students attend classes.  With over 25,500 students, Georgia Southern University offers approximately 138 different degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels through its 10 colleges, schools, and departments, spanning campuses in Statesboro, Savannah, Hinesville, and online, even extending to a study-abroad center in Wexford, Ireland. As the sole U.S. public university with a presence in Ireland, Georgia Southern caters to a diverse student body, ranked in the Top 100 degree producers. Its research emphasizes community impact, teaching prioritizes student growth, and its nationally accredited programs prepare graduates for careers or further academia. A member of the University System of Georgia, it hosts 300-plus student organizations, excels in Division I athletics, and boasts top-tier residential halls and campus facilities.

Grocery Store Options 

We recently just hit the jackpot with the brand new Publix. But if that’s not your style, Statesboro has plenty of other options for you. These options are: 

  • Publix
  • Food World
  • Food Lion
  • Bi-Lo
  • Walmart (affectionately referred to as the big Walmart)
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market (better known as Smallmart)

Affordable Housing Off-Campus

  • Axis: This is a great, student centered gated community residing next to campus. The location is perfect, you are across the street from the nightlife in town, a five minute walk to the football stadium and another huge bonus of living here is that it is right on the bus route, so you will never have to worry about walking to campus (even though it’s less than 2 miles). It is also one of the most affordable and safest apartments in its bracket. 
  • Cottage Row: Often referred to as its former name, Aspen, these apartments are perfect for just about anyone. They have a great pool which is home to some of the best summer pool parties, they also have a variety of floor plans and are only rented by college aged students. Cottage Row is also 5 minutes off the trodden path, so you will avoid most of the traffic bunch around campus when commuting around town.
  • The Hamptons: While a bit on the higher end of the $$ scale, you are certainly getting what you pay for here in this gated community. Home to all college students, most participating in Greek life, The Hamptons has a gorgeous pool, variety of floor plans and houses/apartments, luxury clubhouse with all the amenities you could think of and more. It is located in one of the best places possible, sitting across the street from campus and less than a ten minute walk to The Blue Mile for food and drinks. 

Workspace Options 

If you need a quiet place to zone out and get some work done, the Zach Henderson library is one of the top picks. It’s right on campus, has plenty of resources including movies, books (of course) media and technology equipment and rentals, and more. Plus, Three Tree Coffee Roasters opened up a quaint little coffee nook on the second floor last year so you can pull through the midday slump with some delicious caffeine. 

Of course, there is absolutely nothing like doing your homework in a coffee shop. Especially as the cool weather approaches and everything starts to get cozier. Statesboro knows that well, as there are plenty of options:

Community Spaces 

Whether you’re taking your pup on a walk or relaxing with friends, Statesboro has 3 distinct and beautiful places to relax in nature. The first being:

  • Georgia Southern Botanic Garden, with WiFI, private parking, 50 acres of trails and fields and dog friendly. It’s across the street from campus so it is super accessible for all students as it is smack dab in the middle of the on and off campus housing. 
  • Downtown Dog Park: There is a small and large dog section and plenty of space for your pal(s) to roam. It’s also located right down the street from Downtown so it’s a super quick walk to and from if you wanted to grab a bite to eat. 
  • Shelby Park: Across Fair Rd. from the GSU Botanic Garden is Shelby Park which is nestled in the sweet Edgewood neighborhood. It is a gorgeous park with a pond, picnic tables and greenspace. There is no shortage of fishing, dog walking, lounging, swinging or snacking you can do here. 
  • …Fred Fletcher Memorial Park is currently in construction and will be open for business very shortly! A reconstructed equestrian farm turned park, the grounds feature pavilions, lake, event space and walking trails. 

You couldn’t have picked a better town to go to school in, whether this is your first semester, your last or you’re planning your college decision. We want you to wish you the best of luck on your walk through life, wherever it may lead! Most importantly, be safe, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and have fun. It goes by all too fast.