Top 5 Savannah Restaurants to Get Thanksgiving Dinner

We admit, we’re a little bias. We believe everything tastes better in the south, and that includes Thanksgiving dinner. And for those of us that prefer having Thanksgiving dinner prepared for us rather than preparing it ourselves, can you really blame us? Especially when our Thanksgiving dinner plans revolve around dining out at one of Savannah’s supreme restaurants. Savannah has become quite the foodie town over the past decade with an abundance of fine dining options. What better day to be a Savannah local than on the biggest food holiday of the year? 

We’ve compiled a list of Savannah restaurants that serve an exquisite Thanksgiving meal. If you aren’t feeling like cooking this year or you have a particularly busy season, these Southern restaurants are sure to scratch that home-cooked itch on one of the best holidays each year.

The Pirates House 

The Pirate’s House features some of Savannah’s oldest properties, each with its own story to tell. But the best thing to listen to on Thanksgiving is the bustle of people around their buffet line watching the slices of turkey and casserole pile up high on clean, warm plates. 

To get a good idea of what might be on the 2023 menu, last year their Thanksgiving buffet menu included Carved Roasted Herb Crusted Prime Rib, Slow Roasted Brown Butter Turkey Breast, Mulled Cider Poached Salmon, New England Style Shrimp Rolls, Seafood Stuffed and Roasted Oysters on 1/2 shell…just to name a few!

The Olde Pink House.

One of Savannah’s most exclusive and renowned restaurants, The Olde Pink House breaks out its fine china for Thanksgiving. The legendary spot offers a fixed-price three-course menu that’s only made better if you can get a seat by the fireplace. Their Thanksgiving menu hasn’t been released yet, but if you check out their main staples. you might be able to get a feel for what they could be working up to.

17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant

One of the best feelings when investigating the Hostess City is turning down a street less traveled to find a hidden gem waiting at the end. For Thanksgiving lovers, that gem is 17Hundred90. The quaint, brick interior reverberates with laughs and conversation shared over plates piled high with turkey and fixins from the buffet. Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday they have a shindig for, they also host big meals for Christmas, New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, and The Rock and Roll Marathon. Visit their website for updates on when all of their holiday menus will be released,

Chart House

When life gets busy, Chart House is one of our go-to restaurants to help us nail Thanksgiving dinner. They offer a family meal pack of either Slow Roasted Prime Rib or Turkey, accompanied by a seasonal salad, side dishes, and dessert for the whole family. Keep an eye out for their Thanksgiving menu to be released in the coming weeks. 

There’s truly something for everyone, every taste and every speed of life, in Savannah on Thanksgiving. So grab your yummy food, say your blessings, tuck in and could someone please pass the gravy?

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