What Hyundai’s Electric Vehicle and Battery Plants Mean for Savannah

We all know that the electric vehicle industry is rapidly growing, and Hyundai is at the forefront of this movement with its innovative manufacturing plants being built in Savannah. By 2025, Hyundai’s investment in the new 1,000 acre plant in Georgia will change everything for the four counties-Chatham, Bryan, Bulloch, and Effingham counties- which collaborated to purchase and prepare the land for industrial use. But how exactly?

This $6 billion investment is expected to create 8,100 jobs, with an average salary of $56,000 per year, providing a significant boost to the local economy. While the United States is a significant market for Hyundai, the impact of this investment on the Chatham, Bryan, Bulloch, and Effingham counties cannot be overstated.

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Hyundai’s electric vehicle plant is the first of its kind in the US. The facility can manufacture up to 100,000 electric vehicles annually and is strategically located near major ports and transportation hubs.

Furthermore, Hyundai is also constructing a battery plant in the same area that can produce batteries for their electric vehicles, with a capacity of 10 GWh per year, making it one of the world’s largest battery plants.

The investment in electric vehicle and battery manufacturing is not only creating jobs and economic growth but also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. By manufacturing these products in the US, Hyundai is contributing to a more resilient and sustainable domestic supply chain for electric vehicle technology.

The decision by Hyundai to invest in Savannah is not only a beneficial move for the company, but it also presents a tremendous opportunity for growth and development in the surrounding community. The establishment of new job opportunities, coupled with an influx of new transplants, will undoubtedly result in a much-needed boost to the local economy, bringing about increased prosperity and economic development. 

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