Where to Get Your Rum Fix in Savannah

In Savannah, where history meets coastal allure, rum aficionados are in for a treat. From tiki-inspired havens to classic establishments, here are the best places to drink rum in Savannah and savor the essence of this tropical elixir.

Water Witch Tiki Bar

Nestled on Bull Street in the Starland District, Water Witch Tiki Bar transports us to a tropical paradise with its mesmerizing tiki decor and carefully crafted rum cocktails. From classic mai tais to innovative concoctions like the “Island Getaway,” their rum-centric menu will delight your taste buds with every sip. Fun fact, The Creative Coast often hosts their evening socials here! Check out @thecreativecoast on social media to see what they’ve been up to there.

Bamboo Room Tiki Bar

Located in the heart of Savannah’s Downtown Historic District, Bamboo Room Tiki Bar is  known for its masterful mixology and extensive rum selection. This intimate speakeasy-style bar is located within Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar and offers an unexpected and delightful escape from the everyday hustle.,  At the Bamboo Room Tiki Bar we relish in expertly crafted rum cocktails like the “Bamboo Daiquiri” or the signature “Smoky Mountain Old Fashioned.” Join locals here for a cozy atmosphere and attentive bartenders who will guide you on a rum-soaked adventure.

Mint To Be Mojito

Another downtown staple for rum enthusiasts is Mint To Be Mojito. Mint To Be Mojito specializes in refreshing cocktails with an array of mouthwatering mojito variations, from traditional to fruity twists.  We love their “Georgia Peach Mojito” or the zesty “Pineapple Cilantro Mojito.”

Alley Cat Lounge

Take a trip to the Alley Cat Lounge in Savannah, the vibes are immaculate in the speakeasy style lounge. This local best kept secret offers an eclectic selection of rums from around the globe. From smooth aged varieties to vibrant spiced options, the Lounge’s carefully curated menu caters to all tastes. Experience classic rum cocktails or delve into innovative creations expertly crafted by their bartenders. 

Plan a rum-filled adventure in Savannah and explore the diverse array of bars and restaurants that celebrate this delightful spirit.