Why We #ChooseSavannah”: Savannah is as Haunting as Its Scariest Ghost Tours

Savannah has an attractive air of mystique that lures visitors to call it home permanently. If you’re not planning a move anytime soon, beware its magnetic pull. Those who visit  tend to feel as though Savannah was made for them. Perhaps it’s the spooky history of the town, or maybe it’s just the enticing, natural beauty of the coastal south. Read how Savannah captured these visitors and made them never want to leave. 

Ashton E.found herself transitioning from a typical career to becoming a full-time purveyor of spooky tourism. Here the story encapsulates the city’s unique blend of tradition and innovation. and mirrors the sentiments of Laurie Lee B., who chose Savannah for its creative energy, diversity of thought, and captivating ambiance.

Marni M. tells us that there is a mysterious allure to Savannah. She reflects, “I think I lived here in a past life. We transferred here from the north 20 years ago and this was where I felt I belonged.” This profound connection to the city’s history and spirit echoes throughout the journey’s of many Savannah residents like Susan Gilliamsen who read “Gone with the Wind” at a young age and found herself drawn to Savannah’s moonlit magnolias, embodying the essence of her childhood fantasies.

Funnily enough, Becky L. shares another classic that persuaded her that Savannah was the place to be, “ I read Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil 15 years ago and became fascinated with Savannah. Always said when my last son graduated I would move here. Finally, I moved here in March! The close proximity to the ocean and getting away from Minnesota winters also helped make the decision.”

We laughed with Mack M. as he gave newcomers a witty tip about Savannah’s supernatural elements adding an element of intrigue saying “Savannah can cast a spell on you…”. While his account is undoubtedly laced with humor, it speaks to the city’s haunted nature that can keep even the most skeptical minds engaged within its southern charm and towards its people.

Besides the vibe of the Savannah area, the beauty of the area is unparalleled. Joycee M. shared that it was exactly why she stayed, “The shade (we’re from the sunshine state) , beautiful historic architecture, culturally diverse, great food and a younger populace.”

Nancy W. felt similarly sharing that the big pull for her was “The history here, the love of trees, all of the squares throughout the city, the ease of getting anywhere for us in 15 minutes or less, the friendliness of Savannahians, and affordability compared to where we were living.”

If you like all things spooky and historical, there is no better place to be than in Savannah. Check out our Downtown area to find out where to live so that you’re right in the action!