Clubs & Meetups in Savannah: 10 Clubs in Savannah You Might Not Know About

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One thing to know about Savannah is that there is so much more to it than meets the eye. Although we might feel like a big, growing city sometimes, there is a strong sense of community that is present here. There is no better example of this than the plethora of clubs and organizations that bring like-minded people together. What’s even better about the niche groups and meetups found throughout the city is that members of these groups can end up being long-time friends. We’ve compiled a short list of some of Savannah’s clubs and meetups the you might not know about yet. Scroll to see what they are!

LET’S KAYAK!! Savannah Georgia 

This group has been around for about three years and has 2,682 total members on Facebook who participate in their events! The group aims to spend time in nature with like-minded souls who love kayaking and the outdoors. They paddle all across the country individually and as a group all around the southeast, from Statesboro and Guyton to Wilmington Island and Brunswick. You can visit their Facebook to see when and where they will meet next!

Chatham Racquet Club

For over 50 years, the Chatham Racquet Club has been a staple in Savannah. Initially called the Chatham Tennis Club, they have 12 clay tennis courts, with pickleball courts coming soon. Members and guests of all ages are welcome to enjoy racquet sports in at their location off of Dean Forest Road in West Savannah.

Savannah Ultimate Frisbee Pickup

This community has 1,300+ members who support ultimate frisbee’s growth, promotion and play. They have a very active open forum on Facebook to keep people updated on upcoming events and meetups.

Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio 

Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio offers dancing classes ranging from children’s to couples and groups, but their singles/solo classes are a big hit, too! Many people have commented on the events and parties they have participated in within this dance community. Their Group Classes are especially great for socializing, meeting new people, and learning new moves!

R/C RacingScore Members – Phil Hurd R/C Raceway 

For over thirty years, this organized group of R/C racers has been gathering to race at Lake Mayer’s Phil Hurd R/C Raceway. The track was named in honor of founder, the late Colonel Phil Hurd after he lost his battle to lung cancer in 1999. Today this passionate group of R/C racers continues to carry on his legacy and meets regularly for practice classes and tournaments. Score offers various membership levels and a Facebook group for a segment of members. 

Pooler GAA

Pooler GAA is Pooler’s newest amateur sports team that’s bringing Irish sports and culture to Pooler. They share their practice locations, times, and game schedules on their Facebook page

Savannah Adult Recreation Club

Savannah Adult Recreation Club, commonly known as “SARC,” is a closely-knit community of friendly and welcoming members in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. As a member of the SARC community, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in your favorite recreational sports and connect with like-minded individuals, form new friendships, and create unforgettable memories. Participating in rec sports is a great way to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy the camaraderie and the spirit of friendly competition. Find out more about how to join in on the action on their website.

Savannah Knitters Group

If you’re more interested in laying low with friends and enjoy crafting, the group is for you. The Savannah Knitters Group meets regularly to knit at different Savannah locations. There are 65 participating members despite just starting in September of 2023, which is a testament to their success and how much fun they have. If you want to learn more about the group, join their page on Facebook. 

Ladies Book Club of Savannah

Finding a group of people passionate about reading is one thing, but a group passionate about reading and community i

s even more challenging. That’s where the Ladies Book Club of Savannah comes in. This group has over 400 members and they meet regularly for coffee, dinner, or brunch throughout the month to catch up in addition to meeting for the book club. Although very close, they are known to be super welcoming to all. They have multiple group chats for celebrating different life events, birthdays, and more together. Find out how to join by visiting their Facebook group. 

Savannah Area Runners

Enjoy a good jog, run, or walk? 600 members come together to not only run together, but grab lunch and talk shop regularly.  The group runs in neighborhoods and on different trails around Savannah. All experience levels are welcome. 

No matter what your interests are, Savannah is sure to have a club or meetup for you. Our recommendations are to look for flyers around town in coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants and to follow @savananhshowfliers on Instagram to see events and group meetings that you might be interested in.

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