The Ideal Local’s Valentine’s Day Date Night

Valentine’s Day looks different for everyone, but it is worth celebrating, no matter your situation! That’s why we made a guide for locals seeking a memorable Valentine’s Day in Savannah, no matter how you choose to celebrate. 

Start the day off with a relaxing and romantic spa experience:

Spa Bleu

Spa Bleu believes in the essential role of self-care for a balanced life, which includes self-care for your relationship. The spa offers personalized services tailored to guests’ unique needs, ensuring a sense of restoration and revitalization to start the new year. Rooted in the belief that true wellness encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, the spa provides holistic treatments that nourish the mind, body, and soul. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner?

Spa Bleu’s diverse services include body treatments, professional peels, skincare, hair and makeup services, infrared saunas, laser hair removal, lash and brow services, massages, microneedling, packages, and waxing services.

Savannah Day Spa
Savannah Day Spa

Savannah Day Spa

Savannah Day Spa, a comprehensive day spa, offers diverse services, from massages to facials and laser care. With an unwavering commitment to the health and wellness of its patrons, the spa’s offerings aim to relax and rejuvenate the mind, mend the body from daily stressors, or prepare individuals for special events, making it an ideal destination for a Valentine’s Day retreat. As a cherished family-owned establishment, the spa takes pride in tailoring each client’s experience to their unique needs and preferences.

So treat yourselves in a rejuvenating couples massage, surrounded by the charming ambiance of Savannah’s historic district.

Next stop, drinks and dinner. We think you should head over to:

Alley Cat

Start the evening with intimate drinks at Alley Cat. Nestled in the heart of Savannah, the Alley Cat Lounge is a sophisticated 1870s basement bar, a true hidden gem featuring the city’s most extensive library of fine spirits and cocktails. The lounge pays homage to the classics while spearheading the modern American cocktail revolution with a commitment to blending the freshest ingredients, house-made syrups, sodas, teas, and infusions.  One of our favorite things about the Alley Cat is their menus, they’re witty, organized, comical, factual, and extensive- take your time looking through them! 

We recommend that you try their Rum Corps-Reviver if you like rum! If you do, read here for more of Savannah’s best places to have a rum drink. 

Bar Julian

For a touch of sophistication and breathtaking rooftop views, head to Bar Julian, named after the patron saint of hospitality, St. Julian the Hospitaller. They have a delicious menu of craft cocktails and a Mediterranean menu, they also have a delicious mocktail menu. The panoramic scenes of Savannah’s skyline and the river make this the spot for a romantic evening. Or if you’d rather celebrate with brunch, they also offer a delicious Mediterranean-inspired brunch menu!

We suggest trying the Mezze platter, and the “(B)ramble On” for cocktails. 

The Ideal Local's Valentine's Day Date Night
Photo Credit: Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

For a culinary journey, Madame Butterfly offers the intimate dining experience. The warm and inviting atmosphere complements the exquisite dishes, creating a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Korean Steakhouse while indulging in only the highest quality of meats. They provide exclusive cuts and specially selected beef from the renowned Myers Farm in North Carolina. They also have a delicious cocktail menu; our favorite is the “Origami”. It goes great with the delicious Korean Marinated Short Ribs. 

Make the day extra special with a fun bonding experience. We love:

The Ideal Local's Valentine's Day Date Night Photo Credit: Hostess City Hot Glass
Photo Credit: Hostess City Hot Glass

Hostess City Hot Glass

Heat things up with Hostess City Hot Glass, a local studio that offer glass-blowing classes and is the indisputable leader in glassblowing in the South. Founded by the highly skilled glass artist Ronald Martinez in 2018,  Hostess City Hot Glass has experienced rapid growth, and it’s not hard to see why. Nestled in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, the studio spans over 2,000 square feet and boasts a cutting-edge facility that is second to none. The sizable space features stadium seating, an attached gallery, and a cold-glass working room, making it a must-visit Valentine’s Day date night for you and your partner to find a new passion!

No matter how you plan your day or who you spend it with, Savannah has a little something for every couple or solo date night you can think of for this Valentine’s day. Check out our “Best Ways to Spend Date Night in Savannah” article if you want more date night ideas!