Where and How to Meet New People in Savannah

Savannah has a deep history of southern hospitality and friendliness; we’ve been known for that for a long time. Whether you just moved to Savannah or are looking for new friends and connections, you have many opportunities to do just that. Here are some of our favorite ways to meet new people:

Networking Groups

Savannah has several professional networking groups that can be great for meeting new people personally and professionally. I you work remotely then you know how impactful these networking events can be for your mental health and wellness. You also might want to give “Spend The Day As Local Working Remote in Savannah” a read!

 The Creative Coast, for example, offers a variety of events and workshops for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Other networking groups include cSpot, techSAV, SODA (Savannah Organization of Designers and Artists), and Rising Tides. 

Joining groups and attending their events allows you to meet new people and see different aspects and interests of your communities. Even if you know many people in your industry, these are great opportunities to strengthen your relationships with them and meet people in their inner circles. Learn more about these organizations and more like them in one of our blogs, Networking and Where to Get Involved in Savannah. 

We also have several other resources to help your career take off in Savannah; check them out on our website on the work page!

Local Clubs & Paid Memberships

Joining a local club or organization can be a great way to meet new people who share your interests. If you want to learn more about joining some of Savannah’s most exciting clubs, check out our in depth look on those clubs here. 

Regarding paid memberships, the Savannah Jaycees is a young professional group that focuses on community service, social events, and professional development. The Junior League of Savannah is a women’s organization focusing on community service. Other options include the Savannah Chamber of Commerce, Buy Local Savannah, and the Savannah Downtown Business Association.


Between the animal rescues and social service organizations, chances to serve are not hard to come by. We delight in being able to lend a helping hand to those in need and positively impact those in our community, whether they have two legs or four. Serving is a great way of getting involved in our community, meeting like-minded friends, and getting to know our city in the best way possible. 

Savannah has several organizations that are always looking for volunteers, you can check out some of our recommendations for volunteer opportunities local to Savannah. Another great resource to check out would be our “Hands-on Savannah: Making a Difference through Volunteering” article!

Photo Credit: Savannah Sports Council

Recreational Sports + Clubs

Recreational sports leagues are a great way to stay active and meet new people. The Savannah Adult Recreation Club offers a variety of sports leagues, including soccer, softball, volleyball, and kickball. There are also running clubs like the Savannah Striders and pickleball tournaments throughout the year. You might also find some individual recreation clubs in the area to join an intramural team if you’re looking for something more casual. Give our “Joining Clubs in Savannah, the 10 Free Clubs in Savannah You Might Not Know About” article a good read!

Whether you’re looking to network professionally, join a club, give back to the community, or stay active, there are plenty of unique ways to meet new people in Savannah beyond just going to bars. So get out there, try something new, and start making connections!