Where To Enjoy Theatre In Savannah

While Savannah is a known nexus of visual arts in the southeast, you may be less familiar with its theatrical offerings. The Hostess City is home to a robust performing arts scene and boasts a unique blend of theaters both old and new. For the theater fan in Savannah, life is never dull with impressive performances taking place throughout the year. We’ve taken the time to highlight some (but not all!) of Savannah’s theaters, showcasing the most reliable, exciting, and popular ones of the bunch.

Historic Savannah Theater

Built in 1818, this classic theater has weathered a long history of fires, hurricanes, and remodelings, currently sporting a classy art-deco interior since 1948. Over the years it’s seen performances by celebrities like Oscar Wilde, W. C. Fields, and Lillian Russell, and it still hosts a robust range of impressive performances throughout the year. Beyond traditional musicals and plays, it also frequently offers variety shows and throwback concerts that are a great musical experience for a fun evening out.

Savannah Underground

If classic and traditional isn’t your cup of tea, the Savannah Underground might be for you. Opening in 2021, the Savannah Underground features a 360 degree immersive play that tells three horror stories based on Savannah’s haunted past. Being able to walk around the set and see the actors from any angle brings a special level of terror as monsters and ghosts from the most haunted city in the nation come to life around you.

The Savannah Repertory Theater

It is the obvious choice for the modern theater aficionado. Founded in 2016, the theater is dedicated to showcasing contemporary plays and aims to engage the diverse population of Savannah. Its productions are witty, lively, and represent an engaging and impressive view of the modern landscape of theater.

The Savannah Children’s Theater

A great family-friendly option to introduce children to the world of theater is The Savannah Children’s Theater. This theater not only offers fantastic shows throughout the year, but also hosts after-school and summer programs to get local kids involved in theater.

The Collective Face Theater Ensemble

The Collective Face Theater Ensemble performs a mix of musicals and straight plays, all of them featuring gorgeous sets and costumes. Its shows, hosted at the Savannah Children’s Theater, are a great option for those seeking a fun musical experience or a more grounded, thoughtful play.

If you are fan of the arts, check these spots out and don’t forget that we have the insight on Savannah’s best museums and art galleries as well!