Why Moving to Savannah Is The Right Choice in a Rocky Housing Market

With rising mortgage rates and increasing home prices, it’s challenging for many Americans to enter the real estate market. However, amidst these challenges, Savannah, Georgia emerges as a shining beacon for those looking to make a move. Our city offers an exceptional quality of life. We are renowned for our historic charm, diverse culture, coastal lifestyle, and friendly community. Locals enjoy a lower cost of living and can engage in a range of activities from exploring the historic district to enjoying the city’s beautiful parks and waterways. Savannah is home to fantastic restaurants and an incredible art scene and offers world-class entertainment. The city’s welcoming atmosphere and southern hospitality create a sense of belonging that is hard to match elsewhere. 

Here are compelling reasons why relocating to Savannah is the right choice, especially in today’s uncertain housing market.


A home and kids playing in Savannah, GA.One of the most enticing aspects of Savannah is its affordability. Compared to many major U.S. cities, Savannah offers lower home prices and a lower cost of living. According to BestPlaces, Savannah’s total cost of living index score is 90.2 coming in lower than the national average. This means that the cost of housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other necessities combined, is 9.8 percent lower than the U.S. average.

The median home price in Savannah is $296,806 according to Zillow, which is half of the national average according to BankRate. When compared to other cities in Georgia, Savannah still comes out on top. According to BankRate, the average home price in Georgia comes in at around $358,000, which is 20% higher than the average home price in Savannah. 

Check out our blog posts on  “Affordable Living In Savannah: The Complete Guide” and “Savannah’s Most Affordable Areas to Liveto see our detailed explanation of how Savannah stands as an oasis of affordability!

Sense of Community

Kids volunteering in Savannah, GA.Moving to a new city can be a daunting experience, but not in Savannah. Many of Savannah’s relocatees have commented on the sense of community that they have felt here. 

In Savannah, it’s easy to connect with like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships. There are so many ways to find your tribe here in Savannah. Through theater, arts, rec sports, running clubs, festivals, and more, you can find those who share your values and interests.

Volunteering is something we love to do here in Savannah and is a great way to meet new people. Locals delight in being able to lend a helping hand and positively impact those in our community. We have created a list of volunteer opportunities, and our blog “Hands-on Savannah: Making a Difference through Volunteering” showcases local non-profit organizations.

Savannah has a very active and interconnected business community. Attending a networking event or business social is a great way to meet others and get tapped into local opportunities. Check out our list of local networking spaces and events in Savannah.

Economic Opportunity

Woman working remote on laptop in Savannah, GA.Savannah’s economy is diverse and growing, offering various opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.  With the presence of the Port of Savannah, our city plays a crucial role in national and international trade as the first and last port of call.

In addition to logistics and maritime trade, Savannah’s other major industry sectors include healthcare, advanced manufacturing, film and entertainment, technology and innovation, and more. 

The job market is robust, making it an attractive destination for those seeking career advancement. The average unemployment rate is at 4.00%, which is lower than the long-term average of 6.44% according to YCharts. Explore Savannah’s growing job market and industries, and check out our blog “Why We #ChooseSavannah”: Opportunities Live in Savannah” to hear about the influence of the job market on relocatees.

High Quality of Life

Top Schools & Educational Opportunities

In Savannah, there are 23 elementary schools, 8 K-8, 8 middle schools, 11 public high schools and 5 charter schools. In 2022, the Savannah Chatham County Public School System Savannah (SCCPSS) received the GSBA Leading Edge Award for innovative design and implementation of projects and programs by school systems that are having a significant and positive impact on students. Savannah Arts Academy, a leading public high school in Savannah, is consistently a Top 10 High School in Georgia. The STEM Academy at Bartlett has been awarded the #1 STEM middle school nationwide by the Future of Education Technology Conference. Outside of the public school system, Savannah has 30 top-tier, award-winning private schools.

Our city is also home to higher education including four major, local universities: the Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia Southern University, Savannah State University, and South University. These local institutions offer standout educational opportunities for college students. Many students move here for college and never want to leave!

Family Friendly

In addition to excellent educational opportunities, Savannah offers plenty of things for families to do together. With over 80 miles of coastline, locals enjoy spending a day at one of the nearby beaches or barrier islands and engaging in a number of water sports. We are home to over 50 festivals per year catered to those of all ages. With over 22 green spaces in Downtown Savannah alone, there are plenty of places to take the kiddos outside to exercise and play. Nature trails and biking activities allow locals to traverse the city safely and explore all that Savannah has to offer. Our city offers a rich and fulfilling lifestyle for the youngest Savannahian to the oldest!

World-Class Entertainment

There’s always a concert, a play, or a stand-up comedy performance happening somewhere in Savannah. From world-renowned musicians to regional performers, checking out a show with friends and family is one of our favorite things to do here on an evening out. Touring acts come to Savannah’s Enmarket Area, all year round, and we like to be the first in line for tickets. On the weekends, we enjoy big-time performers at spacious venues like Victory North, District Live, or the Savannah Civic Center. For more intimate options, there’s always an acoustic guitarist, stand-up comic, or skilled pianist at a variety of small bars and terraces.

Sports spectating is huge here! We are, of course, home to the world-famous and hilarious Savannah Bananas. The baseball team is known for making the sport of baseball fun again with its own set of rules, fast-paced game, crazy antics, and comedic acts. Many are surprised to learn that Savannah has its own professional minor league ice hockey team in the ECHL and an American professional soccer team as well. The entertainment options are endless, diverse, and full of fun!

Eclectic Food Scene

Foodies appreciate our coastal city’s local food scene. Savannah offers supreme restaurants with the best southern dishes, local seafood, and Michelin-rated chefs. With over 220 dining establishments and neighborhood eateries to choose from, our coastal cuisine is downright delicious and expanding every year. And after dinner, we love to hit the many downtown distilleries and local watering holes for a night on the town.

Dog Friendly

For pet lovers, Savannah is a paradise. The city has great dog parks and pet-friendly establishments and activities, ensuring that furry family members feel right at home. Check out our list of Savannah Neighborhoods with The Best Dog Parks.  

Great Weather

The warmer temperatures in Savannah make living here a delight year-round. The fall and spring are especially great times to live in Savannah with temperatures hovering between 65 and 75 degrees. Like in most U.S. cities, things do heat up in the summer, but Savannah’s position on the Atlantic Ocean allows us to cool off in the best ways possible: at the beach, on the boat, enjoying water sports, or in the pool. Winters are extremely mild as we’ve been known to have 80-degree temperatures even around the holidays.

Historic Beauty

Historic townhome in Downtown Savannah, GASavannah’s historic architecture and lush greenery create a picturesque backdrop for daily life. Wandering through the historic districts or strolling along tree-lined streets is a visual treat. The city’s commitment to preserving its rich history adds to its unique character.

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In a housing market where affordability and quality of life are at a premium, Savannah stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking an attractive, welcoming, and cost-effective place to call home. While other cities grapple with skyrocketing prices and fierce competition, Savannah offers a breath of fresh air and an opportunity for a better, more affordable lifestyle. So, if you’re contemplating a move amidst the housing market’s rocky conditions, consider making our city your new home. We promise, moving to Savannah is a decision you won’t regret!

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